You’ve all heard the long-adored saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”. This may, in theory, be true, but the fact still remains: no one is drawn to a book with an ugly, unprofessional cover. You’ve got one quick impression to make on your reader—the one that either propels them to read your book or to forget about it.


Using royalty-free images or my own photography, I create professional covers based on the era, characters, and genre of your book. I do ebook covers, print covers (front and back – no side), and promotional graphics. I do not design covers for books that have profanity, sexuality, or non-Christian elements. For examples of my work, scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Ebook Cover: $30.00

Print Cover (front and back – no side): $40.00

Promotional Graphic: $20.00

*For a combination of ebook, print, and promotional graphics, a discount is available. Contact for more information.


In the copyright of your book (either print or electronic), you should have this written:

Cover Design by Willowy Whisper


If you've got questions, I want to hear them.


our_moment_promotional_graphic washed_away_promotional_graphic


Take a look-see at covers I’ve created.

where_it_hurts_cover trust_me_again_cover the_power_of_prayer_cover the_last_of_legacy_coveri'll_love_you_anyways_coverwashed_away_coversounds_like_rain_cover in_your_dream_cover living_with_kids_cover our_moment_cover photo_cover angel_smiled_cover bye_baby_cover finding_grace_coverbackcover_1backcover_2