Now it’s Christmas. Mistletoe. Magic. Songs. Dancing and laughter…

There’s a certain feel to the air, a certain scent to the stores and the streets and the woods. As if the earth sends a quiet whisper throughout every valley and mountain, calling in an angelic voice, “The Savior has come! He has come!” Then it breathes a picture into existence. A manger and a babe, with a doting mother and a caring Joseph—tiny, plastic people scattered and arranged in thousands of lawns across America. Then there’s music, glorifying the moment, the night. That holy, still night when our Jesus was brought into the world.

It’s so beautiful. Christmas is beautiful. This day is beautiful.

I’m so glad my King sent His son.  I’m so glad His Son died for me. I’m so glad He saved my soul on August 3, 2004, because it was the very best day of my entire life.

To all who are reading this and even to those who are not…

Merry Christmas.

May the sweet Spirit of our Lord and Savior be with you all.

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