As a homeschooler, I completely support this law. I think that any child should be allowed to play sports—even if they aren’t “enrolled” in the public schools.

I firmly encourage anyone who will to sign this petition!

Tim Tebow Law

Also, a few years ago I wrote an article for the local newspaper, trying to get the law passed:

Dear Editor:
My name is Willowy Whisper, and I am the fourteen-year-old daughter of a homeschooling family, along with my twelve-year-old brother, Wyatt. Wyatt has had a deep love for wrestling ever since that first time that he walked onto the mat for his first wrestling match. At the age of five, Wyatt had several losses—but he kept trying because he believed in himself and in his dream. He never gave up despite those times that he lay with his back on the mat in defeat, despite all those nights that he worked and practiced with the sweat dripping, and despite the scratches and bruises that he received when he felt himself being tossed around by his opponent. Wyatt had an ambition that he was determined to get within his grasp—and I watched him go through every victory and every defeat until at last he reached his goals. Now Wyatt, known as being called “The Machine” because of his non-stop and vigorous determination, has gone the entire year with only three defeats! This year he received 1st place at Regionals, 2nd place at the Championship, and twice in the last eight years has placed in States! But next year Wyatt will be thirteen years old and will no longer be allowed to participate in the sport he loves…
There are two million homeschoolers that live in the United States. Research shows that homeschooled students score well above the national average on standardized testing. Our parents, who homeschool us, are tax-payers and voters; yet we are not allowed to participate in the school sports and activities. Homeschoolers are students just like those that attend the public schools and deserve an equal opportunity. According to the Home School Legal Defense Association, 25 states now allow homeschooled students to play sports with varying restrictions. West Virginia has introduced a new bill this session (House Bill 2526) which will allow homeschoolers in West Virginia to participate in school sports and activities. This bill was first introduced to the Education Committee on February 19, 2013. Mary Poling of Barbour County is the Head Chairman of the Education Committee. At this point the bill has not reached the stage of being voted on by the Committee because it has been overlooked and
not deemed as priority. Mary Poling has within her power to bring this bill before the Education Committee to be voted upon. We are asking that she give us this chance. It means a lot to those, just like Wyatt, who have worked so hard at their sport and who’s dream is to continue playing. Wrestling is a part of Wyatt—why must that be taken away from him just because he doesn’t go to the public schools? Shouldn’t he be allowed to pursue his dream no matter where he attends school? How many other homeschooled children will be prevented from continuing the sport they love and from accomplishing their dream…?

Get the word around!