Stay in the Castle

by Jerry Ross

Stay in the Castle

Book Review (8-12-15)

From the time I was a child, my mother used to tell me this story. I’ve always loved it. What girl wouldn’t? I mean, really. It’s about princesses and castles. About a year or so ago, however, she found an old copy of it in her trunk. Hard to tell how many years it had sat there, but anyways, she advised me to read it.

And I did.

This book is amazing. There is so much truth in the simple story, that it’s almost heart breaking. So many girls around us ignore the gentle plea of the King, fall for the excitement of charming men, and leave the castle walls of protection.

Last week, my mother bought a copy of Stay in the Castle. Again, she suggested I read it, sign it, then let my friends do the same.

I strongly encourage any teenage girl to read this. It’s a wonderful book. I, for one, want to wait for that prince on the white horse.

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