In the teenage world of guy, girl relationships, the main idea is attraction. The whole thing is about getting what's right for you. It's about finding what makes you happy---what makes you feel good. It's about having fun. Being cool. Fitting in. It's about saying the words that have become so common among teenage boyfriends and girlfriends. "I love you." How often does this get texted to this week's girlfriend? How often is it scratched out on a legal pad of paper, passed across the room,and handed to a high school crush?
Love is a triangle. 
God is at the top. 
We're at the bottom. 
On one side is him---that man we've come to love, or will come to love. On the other side is you. And together we're trying to build something. A love, a life. We've watched the world---how involved and fickle and senseless their relationships can be. We don't want that. We want something better. A love that will last longer, be more satisfying, more beautiful. 
How do we find love like that? How do we hold back the emotions? The temptations? 
Moving up. Higher up. As far as we can go. All the way to the top of that triangle called LOVE...
Our love is small. It's insignificant. It's troubled and it's weak and there's no way in the world it could see us through. 
But God has a greater love. A love that heals, that keeps us safe, that protects us. The closer we get to His love, the greater our own love can be. Want a relationship that will last? That will be more than a high-school flame? More than a future ex? 
Climb the triangle. Get closer to Jesus. Help each other move up, move together. Find His love, because in His love is perfect satisfaction, peace, joy, and the chance for a beautiful marriage. 
Don't let your relationships be a game. Don't say "I love you" until you know the meaning of love. 
God is love. Plain and simple. Loving and soft. Beautiful. 
Move up the Triangle!!! 
Get the word around!