I’m Willow (my pen name), and this is my writing blog! I’ll start with telling you a little bit about myself: First of all, I’m fifteen and a homeschooler/author. I’ve written four novels, published three, and written TONS of short stories. I will be posting these short stories on this blog!! 🙂 I’m also into the whole “romance” thing, finding true love, marrying a dreamboat and having tons of kids. Yeah, big expectations. 🙂 I really enjoy writing about creepy stuff…murders and all that! So exciting! 🙂 I love being in the rain, playing the piano, reading, drawing, riding horses, and writing…of course. 🙂 I am an Independent, Bible-believing Christian, and was saved when I was five. That’s pretty much all the exciting things about me… So I hope you enjoy looking at my blog!!!

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