“And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he [is] unclean to you.” (Leviticus 11:7)

This was a commandment of God to the Israelis. They weren’t to eat pork. He didn’t give them a reason—He just told them not to. Now, if I was an Israelis, I would probably be asking myself, “Why can’t I eat pig? What’s wrong with it? Is God just giving us pointless rules?”

Years rolled along and smart men began to learn what we call science. And scientist discovered a fatal disease: “Trichinosis or trichiniasis, is a parasitic disease caused by eating raw or undercooked pork…” (Wikipedia) God knew that pork would be harmful—and deadly—to His people. He was protecting them by commanding them to stay away from it, even though they had no idea why!

This is the stage in our life where we start “noticing” guys more than we ever have before. Maybe there’s a guy you especially like—a guy that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside—a guy you might even be falling for.

But your parents don’t understand. They don’t see how great he is. They just don’t want you to be happy. Your pastor doesn’t get it. He just wants to lecture you. They don’t see the good sides of him. Even your best friend won’t stop hounding you about him. And every time you pray about it, something just doesn’t seem right—and you think God might be trying to tell you something. But they don’t understand—all of them. They just don’t want you to be happy. They just want to add rules into your life to make you miserable, right?

Wrong! Just as the Lord understood the danger in eating pork, He understands the things you can’t see. He sees the heart of this cute guy who smiles at you. He sees the way he’ll treat you five years down the road. He sees the tears you’ll cry—the broken heart—devastated dreams.

And if your family and pastor and friends walk with Him, they’ll see that too. God will plant doubt into their souls—show them things that you just can’t see. Because when you fall for a guy, you blind yourself to the truth. You stop noticing things your friends call red flags. You excuse his behavior and “love him the way he is” because you don’t want to judge. Only this is the time you HAVE TO JUDGE!!! Once you marry him, then you put on the blinders—but before you marry him, you have to take everything he does into consideration and see if his actions line up with who he says he is.

If God has put an ounce of doubt in you, don’t ignore it. If the people who love you are against it, consider what they’re saying. Don’t follow your heart, because your heart will lead you exactly where you think you want to go. Follow God, and He’ll lead you where you should go, a place that will end in happiness rather than heart-ache. 

God’s only trying to protect you. Your friends are only trying to protect you. Your family is only trying to protect you…

Be wise—and listen to them.



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