Sometimes, guys can be distracting. His night black hair. Soft blue eyes. His butter-melting smile, and that sweet, music-laden laugh that makes your insides start to burst in excitement…

Guys can distract you from a lot of things. They can distract you from what you were going to say. Where you were going. The words of the song you were listening to. Other people in the crowd can disappear. Eyes can get focused on him. Everything else fades away…

But a guy should not distract you from the Lord.

Lots of times they do. You stop hearing the sermon because his cologne smells so good. His elbow touches yours, and your attention fades away from the Bible verses. Even in your prayer closet, you’re so consumed with thinking of him that you can’t truly talk to the Lord like you used to.

A lot of the distraction is natural–but if you’ve got a guy that puts God first, then he’ll make sure you don’t get distracted. He should be able to pray with you. Read God’s Word with you. Share his zeal and desires about the Lord. Instead of gazing into each other’s eyes, you should have your eyes both on God.

Don’t get distracted from your relationship with a Savior that will never fail you. Let God send you a man that will encourage your walk with God–a man that will walk the walk with you.

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