–By Guest Author

The things I want

So clear in my mind

What he will be

When he is mine

Thick and most cuddly

Strong in his walk

Quick to give a smile

Sweet in his talk

Gentle in words

Kind in his thoughts

Warm in his embrace

Hugs he’ll give lots

Notices me

And all that I do

Doesn’t miss a thing

Cause his care is so true

Loves on my babies

As his very own

Wins their hearts over

Their break will be sewn

He makes us feel special

In every sort of way

Encourages often

Laughs every single day

Prays and walks with God

Gives Him all his heart

Hungers for His truths

Knows just where to start

Has the time for us

Important in his life

No where he’d rather be

Than at home with his wife

A twinkle in his eye

A sweet grin that comes my way

Each time he looks upon me

My breath he takes away

Comes home to me daily

And grabs me in his arms

Then sits down for supper

Keeping away all that harms

Cause when family truly is

First in a man’s life

There is nothing that can stand

Between that man and his wife!

— Guest Author

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