As young girls, we desire from a man to be protected, to be loved, to be taken care of and treated with the utmost gentleness. We want him to think we need him, because we do. We want him to keep us safe, right?

A man has the same desires—same instincts. He wants to feel like you need him. He wants to be able to protect you, and feel like you’re relying on him to be safe.

I’m not saying that you need to act like a weakling, because that’s not it at all. But as young Christian girls, we should be meek. We should be the kind of girl that a man can feel like he can protect. We need to recognize his strength and ability to keep us safe. Don’t rob a man of his manliness. Let him thrive in loving you and protecting you. Let him treat you with gentleness, because if you act like the lady God made you to be, he will.

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