Have you ever caught yourself praying, “Where is he, Lord? Where’s my true love? When is he coming into my life? You do have him out there, though, don’t you, Lord? My destiny isn’t being single…is it? Do you have my TRUE LOVE? Do you got him, Lord?”

As young Christian girls, our greatest fear is that we’ll grow up to be an old maid—that God doesn’t have that man, waiting for us somewhere, ready to come into our lives any minute and love us forever. We sometimes feel that singleness is a curse. It aches in us, hanging over us, always whispering to us that it’s possible to be alone. We want to find love. We want to find a husband to share our lives with—kids to adore and dote over—a family that fills our lives with happiness…

That little, nagging fear—though small and indistinct at first—grows larger with each passing year. It gets stronger. More controlling. More demanding and frightening. At first we don’t recognize what it’s become, but slowly it starts to dawn on us. The fear has turned into something much worse: desperation.

Desperation leads to bad choices. Bad choices lead to bad men. Bad men lead to bad, miserable lives.

Don’t let your fear of being an old maid turn into something worse. Give God your fears; let Him control your life. “Let go and let God”. Everything He has for you is better than anything you could imagine.

If singleness is God’s plan for your life, you can be happy. Because true happiness emerges from within the very center of the Lord’s precious will.


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