You sit down with a book, and you suddenly find yourself falling into a different world where you’re caught up in the adventure and excitement of the characters. You cry when they cry. You laugh when they laugh. And you love when they love.

So what’s the problem with readers?

Fictional Romance + Expectations = Disappointment. 

Sometimes we read the type of book where the hero comes into the field, with his cape blowing behind him in the wind, his eyes tender. He rescues the lady in distress from the bad men. He takes her into his arms, sets her atop his mighty steed. And together they ride off into the sunset…

Romantic, right? Intriguing. Beautiful. Fascinating…

But not realistic. Reading can give us ideas—ideas about how we want our love-life to come to pass. We want him to be dashing, just like the books. We want him to sweep into our lives and capture our hearts, love us forever, shower us with passionate, witty words of endearment. We want falling in love to be fire-works. Boom. Bang. Quick. Fast. Unmistakable.

But sometimes Mr. Right doesn’t sweep into our lives romantically—maybe he’s been here all the time. Sometimes he doesn’t know how to express himself and never has the sweet comments that make you flustered. Sometimes there just isn’t really anything romantic about him. He’s just a man. Not like the books. Not like we imagined. Just a man. Plain and simple.

There’s nothing wrong with reading, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with dreaming. But don’t pass up love because it doesn’t start in fire-works. Sometimes, love can come softly.

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