Once upon a beautiful time, in a beautiful land, there lived a most divine and beautiful princess named Adele. And this princess had a father, the king, who loved her very much.

Only the king had a brother, and this brother—you see—was a wicked, cruel wizard who wanted nothing more than to hurt his brother. And so, knowing what the king loved most, he captured the princess. And he placed her on top of the very highest, steepest, mountain in all the land.This mountain had never been climbed. No one ever dared. It was much too high and slick.

And so poor Adele sat atop that mountain and grieved and cried.

From the window of the castle, her father heard her. The poor king was so distressed that he made it known that whoever rescued his lovely Adele, would inherit his kingdom and marry her whom he rescued. Many men tried of course, but no one reached the princess. Some would fall. Some would give up. Some would just pass by the mountain and not even try.

And the princess continued to cry, and the king still listened from his window in sorrow.

Only one day, on a bright and sunny afternoon, a young man passed by the great mountain and looked up. And seeing the lovely, beautiful princess, he asked a man standing by why she was crying. After being told, the young man got angry. Terribly anger. How dare any man treat a woman so cruel! 

So tossing his cloak to the side and gazing at Adele with love-filled eyes, he started up the mountain. It was a long, hard climb—and many times he nearly fell and lost his life. But he pressed on—assiduously, quietly, determined not to give up. 

And finally he reached her. He wiped Adele’s tears from her cheeks and carried her back down the mountain. 

It was as the king had said. Adele was the handsome young man’s wife, and the kingdom was theirs to share. The brother, though angry, never again bothered Adele. 

And they all lived beautifully ever after…


You’re probably thinking, about right now, how childish the story was. The princess in distress. The young man bound to save her. The loving king. The castle…

But putting all that aside, let’s look at the point of the story: The young man loved her enough to climb the biggest, steepest mountain to get her. 

So how does this apply to now days? 


In other words, God made you special. God made you something worth climbing that mountain for. Don’t settle for a man that’s not willing to treat you with the uttermost respect. Don’t settle for a man that doesn’t take you serious—that thinks he’s better than you—that makes you feel like “you should be grateful I’m even giving you the time of day”.

You’re worth climbing for. You’re a child of the King. If the mountain intimidates him, he doesn’t have the “sticking-power” to stay by your side forever. 

Keep waiting on the mountaintop. Don’t get discouraged that most men won’t climb for you, because that determined, godly man is just around the corner. Just wait. You’ll see. 


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