Many girls now days date. A guy picks her up in his truck, they go to the movies or dinner, and kiss somewhere in the middle. Sometimes it can be harmful to be alone with a guy. Things can happen—things that start with just a kiss, but end with greater intimacies. With dating you can be alone. Things can be romantic without the watchful eye of your parent always upon you…

So what’s better? Dating or courting?

It depends on how careful you want to be. If you want to ensure you don’t let yourself fall into a web of temptation, then court. If you think you’re above falling, beyond giving in, and that no guy could ever sweet-talk you into sin, then date. But a lot of girls have fallen. A lot have lost their purity. I guess it’s just a decision you’ll have to make—something you’ll have to pray about.

As for me, I chose to court.


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