There are two types of guys in the world. Princes and Peasants; Rights and Wrongs; Good and Bad. Mister Wrong will make you miserable; Mister Right will make you happy.

“So how do I know the difference?”

I could say the answer is easy. I could say there’s a few cut and dry, simple rules to watch for, and that all you had to do was follow the rules and you’re good…

But it’s not that simple. It’s so easy to get confused…to be unsure. “Is this guy for me, or not? Is he my prince charming? My true love?” Then the what-if’s come in: “What if he’s a loser? What if I’m so in love with him that I can’t see the warnings? What if I marry him, only to find out he’s the biggest jerk to ever walk God’s earth…?”

Romance is a complicated thing. There are chances to take—risks that could leave you heart-broken. How do you avoid them? Well…

Watching and Praying.

“So how do I watch? What do I watch for?”

Mr. Wrong can seem really charming—but there’s one thing he usually can’t avoid, try as he may. It’s called “Red Flags”. Issues from the past can seep through his nice behavior, an occasional outburst of anger, childish, insecure remarks can be made. So you watch for these slips…and you pray about them. You consider them, taking each red flag and imagining it ten times worse, because once you’re married, it doesn’t get better.

“So do I dump a guy over a mistake? Nobody’s perfect, right?”

Right. No one is perfect. That’s why you pray about it. You seek God’s will; you read His word; you keep searching for peace. Look at his childhood life…watch how he treats his mother. Watch his expression during church. See if he respects you. What does he hunger for?

And make sure you don’t settle for Mr. Wrong, because there’s a Mr. Right out there somewhere who wants to love you. You just got to trust God to send him to you.


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