May we never forget that we have a real enemy. He’s not playing games. He’s not fooling around. He’s fighting–and he’s fighting hard. He’ll never win the battle, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still trying to destroy. He hates you. He hates your heart. He hates your mind. He hates your life. And he hates your God.

Look at the battlefield. Watch the people fall. Watch your friends fall. Watch your siblings fall. Watch your church members fall . . . and don’t try to tell me there’s not a devil.

Because there is.

He’s real.

And he’s coming after you. Don’t think you’ll win by yourself. You can’t. You’re weak. Your flesh is weak. Your heart is weak. You only have one hope.

God can preserve your mind. God can preserve your soul. God can preserve your body—for His glory, for His honor, for His praise.

Satan is defeated already.

Jesus is alive. He stands in my defense. He shelters me from harm’s way. He provides for me, cares for me, and blesses me. I love Him. I don’t want to leave Him. I don’t want to lose what I feel, what I know is true, what I cherish.

The battlefield is so bloody, these days. It hurts to watch the demons slaughter children of God. It hurts to watch Satan sit back on his haunches, laughing at another lost sheep. It hurts to hear him roar.

This is our enemy, Christian—but let us not be afraid.

Because this is our God.

And He is bigger.

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