Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying.

– Robert Herrick

We are living. This is the world. Yesterdays are all gone. We can never, nor will ever, have them back. They are lost, tossed to the wind . . . remembered, but only in the refines of our own shadowed memory.

And we are in today. Just . . . today. We can not escape it. Sometimes we want to. Sometimes we merely want tomorrow to come, and yet somehow, it never does. Why is that? And if it never comes, why do we wish for it so? Why is our hope dependent on the next sunrise? Why do we live all of our life awaiting what’s just out of our reach?

Today is the day the Lord hath made. It’s all we have, really . . . the only thing we can truly hold onto. It may not always be everything we want it to be. Maybe it’s hard sometimes. Maybe, albeit absently, we wish it away because we’re tired of what we’re doing, where we’re at, what we’re feeling.

But there’s a rose in every day. Little things. Things we overlook because they happen all the time. We get used to them. But they’re roses, can’t you see? A soft smile that makes your heart flutter . . . the cool, earthy smell just after it rains . . . the voice of a little child, whispering in your ear. We get so caught up in wishing away our life that we miss those things. We don’t embrace them, only we should. We don’t treasure them, only their worth is rich and sweet. We don’t rejoice in them, only in the end, they are the special moments we’ll cry over when we’re old.

We’re losing our life. Every second it drains away. Every minute we’re dying. Time is our enemy, and though its sting is subtle, it’s deadly.

But we have today. We’re promised nothing more.

So when you get up in the morning, fall in love with the life around you. Be kind. Be tender. Serve Jesus. Love people. Be good to them. Do what’s right. And all those tiny little things, the ones that happen every day we live . . . gather them up. They’re roses, my friend.

They’re beautiful roses.

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