I’d like to introduce you all to Miss Kellyn Roth! She is a young, homeschooled Christian author. She has been writing since the beautiful age of seven. She has written two published works (her first one titled The Dressmaker’s Secret).

But right now, we’re talking about her second book. The Lady of the Vineyard (buy here!) is a novella of a little over 15,000 words and just got released. Here’s a quick synopsis:

Judy has lived with her egocentric mother since her parents divorced when she was a baby. When her father, Troy Kee, shows up at her sixth birthday party and whisks her away to his vineyard in France, Judy is more than happy to go with him. But Adele, Judy’s mother, isn’t quite ready to give up her daughter. Can Judy forgive Adele? More importantly, can Troy?

Hop on over to Goodreads and add The Lady of the Vineyard to your shelf! Also, read what others are saying about it. So far, it has a 4. 57 rating!

Get to know the author and visit her blog: https://kellynroth.wordpress.com/

And in closing, I just have to say one more thing. Kellyn . . . your cover is amazing!

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