Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I went to the ocean. I stood on those sandy shores, with the foamy-white waves crashing inward, then pulling back to do it all over again. I stared ahead of me, watching where water meets sky, wondering at the vastness of it all. It was big. Maybe the biggest thing I’ve ever seen, and amidst the beauty of it, I found myself praying, Lord, You’re so big! 

And I believed it, to a certain degree. I found myself believing nothing could ever shatter my trust, or melt my dissolve, or cause me to worry. How could I? How could I ever? How could I ever fuss over circumstances, when my God is big enough to breathe an ocean into existence?

Then the next week came. I was swept into church camp, and from my fold-up metal chair I saw miracles. I saw prayers get answered. I saw lives turn around. I saw hard hearts get broken. I saw an atheist believe in my Savior. I saw my brother hit the alter and get the blood over his heart. I saw my ten-year-old sister tell the whole camp that the Lord had saved her. I saw the dusty, wooden alter of a tabernacle stained with precious tears. Then my other brother got saved. More miracles happened. More lives turned around…

And I knew. I knew more than when I’d stood at the ocean. I knew more than when I’d thought it. I knew, maybe even more than I’ve ever known in my life…

He’s big. My God is big. He’s so big. He answers prayers. Just in time. Sometimes immediately. Sometimes miraculously. Sometimes in ways I can’t even fathom, and oh, my heart is full of His power!

Often times, He whispers in a still small voice. Often times, His presence is soft and subtle, beautiful in its gentle touch. Often times, His blessings fall gracefully upon us, spread out through the pages of our lives.

But sometimes…

Sometimes it’s different.

Sometimes it’s power you can’t ignore. Sometimes it’s wonder that leaves you shocked, awe-struck. Sometimes it’s just big. Bigger than you might have imagined. Bigger than your wildest dreams.

That’s how it was this week. In my life, in my family, in my church—God was big. So big.


Mountain State Baptist Church, Summersville, WV

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