Weeping Willow

Lovely little tree,

Standing green and tall,

With your weeping willow leaves,

You are the saddest of them all!

Why are you always moaning?

Crying as in pain?

When the wind blows through you…

Whispering in the rain.

How many passionate love birds,

Have you shadowed over?

Your long and flowing leaves,

Hide them like a cover.

O’ loveliest of trees,

What tales you have to tell—!

Of couples who have fallen,

Beneath your romantic spell.

Your melancholy mourning,

Brings on a mystic hue,

That stirs up the hearts,

Of a very loving two.

Lovely little Willow,

You will forever be,

The saddest and the beautifulest,

Of all the world’s trees!

~By Willowy Whisper 9-23-14

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