“Knowledge doesn’t exist in matters of the heart”

But it should. Girls get stupid when it comes to love. Harsh? Sorry, but it’s true. Too true. Whatever happened to acknowledging the fact that one’s heart is deceitful? After all, that’s what the Bible says. 

But now days, people overlook that. They do the whole “follow your heart” thing and call it words of wisdom. 

But it’s not. Your heart will get you in a lot of trouble. Your heart will make you reachable to those who never should have come close, never should have had a place in your life, in your feelings. 

Because in matters of the heart, all too often knowledge doesn’t exist, at least not anymore. Practicality stops having a voice in your head. Logic doesn’t play a part. The obvious takes back-burner and gets ignored. And worst of all, the will of God even gets shoved aside. 

Falling in love, or even big-time crushes, can slide sunglasses over our eyes, and suddenly we’re blinded to the light. All the advice, all the reason, all the things we should know doesn’t mean a thing. Our heart can be the ruin of us, if we let it over-rule and take preeminence over God’s will, or even common sense.  

Matters of the heart can be a delicate, beautiful thing. Our heart gives us the sweet, amazing ability to love a person enough to spend the rest of our lives with him. In some ways, our heart has a voice. I’m not saying that voice is always wrong or always sinful, or that listening to it will always lead you away from God. I’m saying that you MUST NOT disregard good knowledge and red flags, just because you feel all “warm and fuzzy” inside. 

If he’s the right one, your heart, God’s still small voice, and good knowledge will all fit together. 

Because the fuzzies aren’t enough to make you happy. Your heart might make you think it is, but like the Bible says, your heart is deceitful. Above all else. 

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