Here I am. Living here in my sweet little home, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Every neighbor either way I look is related to me in someway or another.
And then there’s my church. A country little building, lost somewhere down a twisty country road and surrounded by mountains. The only teenage guys that go there are all my brothers.
And I don’t go anywhere. I’m one of them big-time home bodies. On occasion, I take an outing to the grocery store, but even that isn’t very often.
And to top it all off, my mailman is a lady!

So maybe it’s discouraging. I mean, think about it. Where am I going to meet him? True love doesn’t just coming knocking on your door, right?


True love does come knocking on your door.

I know.

I’ve seen it happen. Not in a sense. Not kinda. Not twisting the truth. I really (very literally) saw it happen, and I am now a firm believer in miracles (I always was, but even more so now).

Don’t believe me? Maybe I wouldn’t have believed it either. You know. You hear sayings. Read posts. See movies. But sometimes we loose sight of how big God is. How mighty His power. How easily He can send true love when He wants to, how He wants to.

I’m not saying God is going to put my true love on my doorstep. I’m saying He can.

So (if I were determined to be a negative person) I could whine around that I never go anywhere, and that there’s no way I’ll ever meet a guy, and that there’s just no hope for romance…

But the truth is, in that exact moment that we’re both ready, God’s unseen hand will guide us together and blossom our love forever.

You may think you’re ready for love, but until the OTHER person is ready as well, God won’t make it happen. Just be patient. He’s got a plan. Don’t worry if your options right now seem slim, or that you don’t get out enough, or that you live smack-dab in the middle of nowhere.

When God’s ready, He can put him on your doorstep.

And don’t you dare give me that “yeah, right” look.

Remember, I’ve seen Him do it.

No joke.

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