Life is a story. We’re characters to a novel—and that novel is called Life. Someone is taking a pen and scratching out our future. Someone has every plot worked out, every tiny detail, every move and turn and twist…

That Someone is Jesus Christ. He’s a writer. A beautiful writer, with characters more abundant than even we could ever imagine. But every character is precious to Him, and every face has a different story, and behind every pair of eyes is a thousand feelings that He has memorized.

He’s writing your story. Even now. There are going to be times that bad characters are going to enter your life. People are going to hurt you. You’re going to cry. Mourn. Despair. Tragedies are going to assail you—but they can never prevail, not unless you let them. Sometimes you’re going to wonder what it’s all for. What’s the purpose of life, even? Why the hard times? Why death? Pain? Agony?

But the Savior keeps moving His pen, and your story keeps unfolding. You’ll look back on the valleys. You’ll understand why you were sent there. You’ll love the trials, because you’ll know they’ve made you greater. Stronger. Braver. You’ll understand that His plot was perfect, because it’s always perfect.

We’re young right now, and our story is new. We’re somewhere in the second chapter. We’re coping with the changes of getting older and maybe even facing trials that are new to us. True love is ever on our minds, tapping into a sort of panic. “Where is he?” A common question with no answer. “When will my true love find me? When will he sweep me into a happily ever after?” We wake up each morning with the hope that today might be the day he finds us, but every sunset drops the curtain on that hope. And we get emotional. Maybe even…dramatic. Every year carries a new sort of desperation, because we’re getting older, and still he has not come.

But we forget. We forget He’s writing our story, and that He’s going to make it beautiful, that He’s going to make it romantic. We can’t flip through the pages of our life. We can’t see the moment God will send him to us. But that shouldn’t matter, because that doesn’t mean God isn’t going to send him into our story. Do we trust? We want to. Maybe even believe we do. But do we? Do we truly?

If we trust, why do we worry? If God is writing our story (and He’s never messed up, never made an error, never over-looked a problem), then what is there to fear?

Nothing. Because the stories He writes are beauty. They’re romance. They’re music. They’re golden…

The stories He writes are perfect, in all other words, so put your trust in your Author. He’ll never let His characters down.

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