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October 2014

Falling in Love with Jesus

When we think of our future husband, we always think of them as being our true love, right? The one we’re completely in love with. The one we love like we’ve never loved before… But, in some ways, we’re a… Continue Reading →

The Sister & The Dead

The Sister and the Dead!!! A missing child.  Then a body.  And a secret that only her sister can discover… EVEN IF IT COST HER LIFE.


Don’t be blinded by what you think you want. Don’t get too consumed in your dream. Sometimes, the Lord might have to shatter your dreams and hopes so He can give you His perfect dream—a dream that will beautifully come… Continue Reading →

True Love

True Love The feeling, soft and warm, That stirs within her soul, The protection from all harm, The nearing of her goal… The way he gently kisses, The look that’s in his eyes; The beat her heart misses, On every… Continue Reading →

Bonnie & The Fiddler

Bonnie & The Fiddler! He was determined to keep them apart. Determined that Bonnie would not be stolen at the hands of a fiddler. Determined not to lose her love… In a story where bitterness leads to reckoning, can Bonnie… Continue Reading →


Don’t settle for less than what you want; don’t accept less than what God has for you. Wait for the best—wait for the one—wait for the gold. 

Forever Mine

Forever Mine! Another short story!!! It’s about… She didn’t want romance; in fact, it disgusted her. And then he came into her life, and for the first time, she felt vulnerable. But did he feel the same towards her? 


There is one important thing to writing a story—one seven letter word that pulls the reader into your world, makes him want to turn the page… It’s feeling. Without feeling, you have no story, because without it your world is… Continue Reading →

“I Have Been Blessed” –song

This is one of my favorite songs! “The Pen of a Writer” (my saying for this blog) came from this song: Verse 1: When He moves among us all that He does all of His mercy and all of His… Continue Reading →


I WAS A WRITER is a short, short story about a young maiden sitting under a large tree, talking to the wind, and drowning in the agony of her failure…

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