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September 2014

“Wait, I say…”

Sometimes we find ourselves asking a lot of questions…  “I’m never around anybody. How will I ever meet anyone?” Don’t you think that the same God Who parted the Red Sea is capable of sending us the “right one”? That… Continue Reading →

Pure in Heart

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8) As teenage Christian girls, it is not only our job to keep ourselves pure for our husbands, but to keep our minds and hearts pure as well…. Continue Reading →

I once heard a preacher say…

“Love is strong as death…” (Song of Solomon 8:6) So be careful who you fall for, because there’s nothing worse than being in love with a man that makes you miserable! Wait for God’s man; stay in the castle. And… Continue Reading →

Lady Hydenlee

Lady Hydenlee! Another short story! Here’s what it’s about: She loved her kingdom. And he loved his. But did they love each other enough to forsake their loyalties?  They were enemies now…and things would never be the same. 

Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow Lovely little tree, Standing green and tall, With your weeping willow leaves, You are the saddest of them all! Why are you always moaning? Crying as in pain? When the wind blows through you… Whispering in the rain…. Continue Reading →


Someday is one of my romance, short stories. I hope you enjoy it! Here’s what it’s about: Rebecca Quinnington had never been out west before. And she’d never known a man to made her angrier than Stone. So why had she… Continue Reading →

The Northside Insane Asylum

Read the The Northside Insane Asylum! If you like creepy-confusing, you’ll love this! Synopsis: I couldn’t get out… All the paths led me to it’s doorstep… Reality vanished within it’s horrid, crumpled walls… It was the Northside Insane Asylum.

Beside Him

Beside Him is another short story. I hope you enjoy it! Here’s what it’s about: Josh had failed. He’d lost a patient… When the son of the dead patient suddenly appears in town, is he seeking revenge? Or more? 

The Silent Child

Hope you enjoy The Silent Child! Here is a synopsis to give you an idea of what it’s about: A hurting mother. A silent child. And a secret that may be discovered…just moments too late. How can Stacie break through to him?… Continue Reading →

Hey, Everybody!

I’m Willow (my pen name), and this is my writing blog! I’ll start with telling you a little bit about myself: First of all, I’m fifteen and a homeschooler/author. I’ve written four novels, published three, and written TONS of short… Continue Reading →

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