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Waiting for ‘The One’ God has for me!

They Tell Me

They tell me I must roam far. They tell me I will never find what I seek, if I wait for it. They tell me I must wander . . . that the world is big and free, merely waiting… Continue Reading →

My Prayer . . .


Life is surface. We’re all slaves to this pattern, this habit. We do what the next person does just . . . because. That’s the way it’s done. That’s the way people live. School, college, job, marriage, kids, house, then you… Continue Reading →

The Voice of Our Heart

“Knowledge doesn’t exist in matters of the heart” But it should. Girls get stupid when it comes to love. Harsh? Sorry, but it’s true. Too true. Whatever happened to acknowledging the fact that one’s heart is deceitful? After all, that’s what… Continue Reading →

Wait. Wait. Wait.

People are always going to have something to say to you. They’ll always have advice. They’ll always have expectations, ideas, necessities for your life. Sometimes it’s people we love—people we think we ought to listen to. And maybe we should…. Continue Reading →

The Stories He Writes

Life is a story. We’re characters to a novel—and that novel is called Life. Someone is taking a pen and scratching out our future. Someone has every plot worked out, every tiny detail, every move and turn and twist… That Someone… Continue Reading →


Hey, everyone! 🙂 Guess what? I’m waiting… Okay. Fine. Since you can’t guess, I’ll go ahead and tell you: I’ve now got a Flickr account! Click HERE to check it out, and see my quotes and photos, although I just… Continue Reading →

To Combine

Today I was listening to my sister’s math video. “To combine,” he said, “you must be the same kind.” This little rhyme was used to help her remember that when you are adding fractions, the denominators must be the same. Jesus,… Continue Reading →


H = house organizer  E = encourager L = lover  P = partner M = mother  A = aspiring Christian T = trusting friend  E = easy follower    Do you know what it means to be a “helpmate”? You… Continue Reading →

Trichinosis & Advice

“And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he [is] unclean to you.” (Leviticus 11:7) This was a commandment of God to the Israelis. They weren’t to eat pork. He didn’t… Continue Reading →

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