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Because She Was Mama

Because She was Mama is new SHORT STORY! The moral of the story lies within the hard fact that one mistake can change a lifetime . . . and in Ben Costner’s case, it did. Click the cover to read the… Continue Reading →

His Quiet Room

Click the Image to Read: His Quiet Room is a short story about a man who finds himself lost in a world of chaos. His only comfort is his quiet room—but will that change, too? Is there any hope left?

Because He Ran

Guess what? I have a new short story! Because He Ran is about a married soldier named Owen, who can’t stop reliving the horrors of his cowardice—and elapsing into a silence that they call INSANITY. Is there any hope for… Continue Reading →

With Each Breaking Dawn

With Each Breaking Dawn is my newest short story! I’m currently having technical difficulties with my pdf links, so the short story will be on this post (you’ll see it below). I hope this isn’t an inconvenience, and I’ll be… Continue Reading →

My Master of Wedgewood

My Master of Wedgewood is a short story (or perhaps “long” story would be more fitting), set in the beautiful Scottish hills, long ago. Here’s a little bit of what it’s about: Emmaline was a servant. She came to Wedgewood… Continue Reading →


Invited is a short story about a 1555, English martyr.

In The Shadow of His Wings

In The Shadow of His Wings is the following story to Ella’s Wall (click here if you haven’t read it). Ella swallowed and curled deeper into bed, trying to discern what had awaken her. Just the rain. That’s all. She closed her eyes… Continue Reading →

You Wistful Dreamer

You Wistful Dreamer is a short story about the solemn grave of a young writer.

Silly Feeling

Silly Feeling is a fictional story that took place at a small, Independent Baptist church camp. This story was written about me and my friends, who were also present at camp. Although the content of the story is fictional, nearly… Continue Reading →

It was Seven Past Nine

It Was Seven Past Nine, or was it? Archie Bronichers wasn’t sure.  This four page short story begins in a large department store, on a snowy December night.

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